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Charlie Andrews is a man with many dimensions. He has spent most of his life working with horses; they speak to his soul. Over the years he has learned much of his horsemanship technique from the best horsemen around,  names like Ray Hunt, Bill and Tom Dorrance, and Buck Brannaman. These men know the true connection between  horse and rider. Adapting  what he has learned from them and what he has learned from the horses themselves, Charlie has put together what he feels are the best techniques for horsemanship and connecting with your horse.  His connection with horses is built on respect.


Charlie feels the most important part of training a horse is starting them off correctly with proper groundwork. He has proven his methods by training colts. Groundwork is the basis of all horse training; achieving respect from the horse, teaching new skills, refreshing old skills, building muscle, and fixing problems are all done with proper groundwork.  Charlie gives all his students the tools to do the most effective groundwork with their horses.


Aside from training, Charlie has competed in English riding events such as hunter jumper and dressage, ridden with some of the biggest barns around the country, and competed with gaited horses such as Tennessee Walkers and Saddlebreds. He has competed and won at numerous horse shows.


Mr. Andrews takes any opportunity to bring out the best in his horses. He has worked cattle, trained trail horses and mounted patrol horses. Like all true cowboys, Charlie has trained and competed in rodeos roping and bull dogging. He is currently riding his famous War Horse Jaeger in Jousting Tournament Competitions around the country.  Jaeger was born on Charlie’s property 15 yrs ago, and the two share a special bond. Charlie Andrews is the Captain of The Knights of Mayhem and  10 time World Champion Heavy Armor Jouster, wining all of these tournaments on his faithful War Horse and best friend Jaeger.


In his travels all over the world  Charlie has seen many things and like a true knight has taken up the crusade for causes that are near and dear to his heart.  This year he is riding to Back the Badge in all of his jousting competitions.   He feels everyone should support law enforcement as the officers put their lives on the line every day for us.  Charlie is currently in the process of becoming a PATH International certified instructor. He feels equine therapies benefit both veterans and special needs children. Having served in the military himself, he knows the power of horses in healing a soul.  Wounded veterans can benefit from horses in so many ways. Children steal Charlie’s heart and he has seen the benefits of equine therapy with special needs children at his visits to the HALTER Inc. facility in Houston, Texas. HALTER Inc. uses horses  and other farm animals for children, specializing in a place for special needs children to participate in animal/equine based programs. Charlie has joined the board of directors to help grow the programs so more children can benefit from equine therapy.


Charlie Andrews brings a multi dimensional background to his clinics. He really has done it all, and he has an extraordinary way of teaching to everyone. He is able to teach is techniques to young and old. Everyone walks away from his clinics with a new sense of confidence and many new tools they can successfully implement to connect with their horse.


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